Best School Management System in Bangladesh

DeshTechBD provide one of the best school Management System in Bangladesh. This software has become famous for educational institutes in Bangladesh.

The first significant advantage of a school management software is to keep the student-related data fruitful. Besides, school management software includes other features like fees paid by students, transport facilities provided by the school, examination records of the students, library usage, and many more. As an admin assigned by the school administration, you can access the database and more. Afterward, students can also access the system to know their examination marks and important notices without having editing access.

There are many different types of school management software and software available, ranging from basic solutions for small schools to comprehensive enterprise-level systems for larger institutions. Some common features of school management software include student and teacher databases, attendance tracking, gradebook and assessment tools, scheduling and calendar functions, and parent and student portals for communication.

Features of school management System

  1. Dashboard
  2. Online Admission

  3. Attendance Module

  4. Results Module

  5. Student Module

  6. Academic Module

  7. User Management